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Your colleagues are finding jobs that pay better

- with employers who share their values - all remotely.

We can help you catch up.

It's been a tough couple of years. But we've become used to the work-life balance that remote work has afforded; now, our employers are either threatening to take it away or are unclear about whether it will stay (1). After two years of results, they still don't trust us. That's not the only challenge. We also protested social injustices yet struggled to get our employers to prioritize diversity and inclusion programs. Now we're re-evaluating, looking for something better (2).


Here's the exciting thing: there IS something better out there. Remote-only jobs have increased eleven-fold (3). Mission-focused companies that see diversity as a core value are hiring. And salaries are up 11% for some software positions (4,5). That's roughly five times what your average raise might be (6). If you didn't see that, you're missing out.


You're not alone. Many people have used that dissatisfaction to look elsewhere - 4 million in October alone (7). Tech is leading the pack in the number of resignations (8). Economists call it the 'great resignation.' You aren't quitting; you instead recognize your real value. You can do better (9, 10).


And we can help. We've spent the last decade hiring software developers, and we know the secrets of a good interview. We know what content and skills hiring managers look for in a resume. We know what questions to ask an employer to ensure their values fit you. We can teach you these things: you only have to contact us.

Not ready to make the jump? We can help there, too. From negotiating a better raise to more persuasively selling your ideas of a better and more just workplace, we can help.

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