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We all have embarrassing memories from high school. I could always ace tests but struggled to turn in homework on time. While my peers gossiped about the latest change to the roster of popular kids, I was (checks notes) taking down the names of people with whom I was going to start a gaming company. I'd write down their strengths and weaknesses and how they'd fit into the team. What we'd call today "people management."

Ash and I put together Guildmaster to find other people like us or, at least, people we could help. People who think management should make our lives better, not worse. People who aren't out for the money, power, and prestige; but instead out to increase their team's productivity and reduce their team's turnover. 

I specialize in management coaching, management consulting, strategy consulting, small business consulting, startup consulting, culture coaching, executive leadership coaching, and dabble in night skiing.

Born the son of a Cobol program, I later received my MBA from the University of Texas, where I graduated Magna Cum Laude. I received my B.S. from Trinity University in San Antonio, majoring in Computer Science and Philosophy. I have my PMI-ACP and PSM certifications and have done enough Thai boxing to know I'm terrible at it.

Originally trained in philosophy and religion (M.A., M.A.T.S., PhD), Ashley found that her study of cognition, deconstruction, and cultural formation had a home in growing tech firms. She served as the inaugural people operations generalist (PHR) and later the highest-ranking project manager (PMI-ACP, PSM)  at an advertising technology company now valued at 1.5 billion dollars. During her tenure, the company garnered several awards as a `Best Place to Work` and `Best Mid-Sized Company.` She is most proud, however, of the trainings she delivered while coaching the engineering team, combining: software practices, project management tools, and philosophical texts.

Presently completing her Masters in Social Work with the Veterans Affairs Medical Center of Dallas, Ashley is applying her love of change management to individual mental health and organizational well-being. As part of Guildmaster Consulting, she remains an advocate for operational excellence, employer branding, and employee experience.

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