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Career Coaching

Career coaching is about expert software engineers looking to grow  inside their current company or move to a new one. It's about scaling yourself in a technical domain.

Don't let the term fool you - expertise is grown, not divined. Experts are people who are trying to get better at what they do. If you're here, you're an expert (or soon to be one). This is for you.

Feel like a lot? If our help increases your annual salary by just $500, it will pay for itself in the first year. Every year after, you reap the rewards. Of course, we believe a smooth interview or good negotiation skills can net you far more than that!

What is Guildmaster Career Coaching?

Resume Review

If you're looking for new opportunities or--better yet--ensuring you're always ready to pursue them, we can help.

We've reviewed hundreds of resumes and know what can help you get your foot in the door and what is wasted space.

We can review your resume for both impact and content. We can also provide copy editing to give it a professional polish.

We advise resume touch-ups yearly, usually around the time you're doing your annual review (if you do those). Any resume we've already done a once-over on can be touched up at a discount.

See a topic or exercise that catches your eye, but you don’t want to pay for everything?
A la carte pricing is available; just contact us about your needs.

Like what you see, but hate virtual meetings? We can do as much over text (email, chat, SMS) as you prefer.
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