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There is a huge disconnect between what we know about how to build and grow healthy organizations and how that building and growing actually happens. All too often "management" is assumed to be little more than overhead, or the only way to advance in a career.

This means that management principles and practices--which help people find joy in their work--are eschewed in a misguided attempt to save costs. Or worse, they are deemed superfluous by those who only hold the management title because they were offered no other way to grow their careers.

We formed Guildmaster out of our expertise in people management and change management, particularly applied while growing small engineering teams into large ones. Combining theory with hard-won experience, we share these lessons with you to improve your retention, grow your talent, and increase your productivity.

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Unlike other management consulting companies, we can not only help your manager; we can also help you. We've watched small engineering teams grow into large ones and understand the problems they face. We've spearheaded process improvements, cultural changes and re-orgs that helped these teams thrive as they grew.

Organizations are like code. If you don't do a little bit of design as you go, refactor here and clean up there, you'll get organizational debt just as fast as you get technical debt. These days, small teams are put under so much pressure to release features, they have very little time to think about how to grow and scale themselves.


Guildmaster has seen it, and we've done it. We know what works, and what doesn't, and we know what problems engineering teams face as they scale. There are dozens if not hundreds of shops that will help you scale your solutions across a Kubernetes cluster--but very few that will help you scale yourself as your work grows.

We are one of the few places with the skills to not only help you negotiate, but also peer review your code. We can help you learn the soft skills needed to be a senior technical leader, as well as those skills needed to be competitive in the marketplace.

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One-on-one advising

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​Find your issues

  • Patterns analysis and actionable insights

  • Data-driven decisions

  • Measurement of engagement, productivity, and bottlenecks


Fix your issues

  • Iterative and concrete plans to implement identified changes

  • Execution assistance and project management

  • Project related coaching of your own transition team

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Unique takes on:

  • Strategy without the buzzwords

  • Award-winning culture

  • Deconstructing agile

  • Software skills for data scientists

  • Managing self-driving teams

  • Project management tool adoption

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Daniel Gale | VP of Engineering,

"John and Ash don't just have a different view on processes, but a track record of executing on that view. They rolled out their three seashells for us, and conducted training on Agile methods that you wouldn't get anywhere else."


8740 Ice House Drive

North Richland Hills, TX 76180

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