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The Big Quit: Managing in the Great Resignation

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Does this sound familiar? You just got out of another meeting with the executives. The team that reports to you asked you to get clarification on the company's remote strategy. Once again, your executives have left you with no firm answer. You're pretty sure they would pull everyone back in the office if they could but are afraid of saying so. If your team knew this, 30 - 50% of them would quit on the spot. You've learned remote work has grown by a factor of 11; it's here to stay. Or what about this one? Same meeting. Same double-speak. But this time, it's about how the company's Diversity and Inclusion programming will respond to the wave of social justice protests sweeping the country. You know the pandemic has given people time to think, to reprioritize their values. You know these values are essential for retention. But your executives are stuck in the past, or so you fear. Meanwhile, your competition isn't taking breaks: 70% are investing in remote work and D&I; 35% are expanding benefits; many are offering five times the average raise. The Great Resignation is here, hitting tech particularly hard with 1 in 3 tech workers looking to leave their employers this year. Your talent is looking for more remote work, companies prioritizing D&I, and better pay. Your bosses hold you responsible for retention and hiring. Yet you can't get the resources necessary to improve engagement -- engagement that would save up to 20% on salary costs even with this fierce competition. We can help. We can coach you on selling the changes to your management. Then, when you've achieved buy-in, we can train your team in making a remote-first culture and in making institutional justice core to your strategy. Finally, even if budgets are tight, we can teach you methods that improve engagement--regardless of salary. All you need to do is reach out to us.

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